How to install a personal certificate into an iPhone?

You can use a personal certificate from the CERN CA without problems on iOS 4.3.3 (iPhone) but do not use the Apple Iphone Configuration Utility. There are issues with the iOS 5 certificate handling. These have now been resolved in iOS 6.

The recipe for iOS 4.3.3 and iOS 6 are:

  1. Browse from the iOS device
  2. Install the CERN Root CA certificate - it will be marked as trusted
  3. Install the Trusted Certification Authority certificate - it was be marked as trusted
  4. Export your existing personal from the Web browser on your desktop (I used Firefox), and protect it with a strong password
  5. Send the resulting file by email to the iOS device
  6. The personal certificate will appear as an the attachment in the email and can be opened from the iOS device directly
  7. Install the personal certificate - it will be marked as trusted
  8. Browse a website requiring X509 authentication, like, and check your DN should appears at the bottom of the page (see attached screenshot)  


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